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Covered in Bees This Weekend!

Bees in Super High Resolution

9 Reasons Honey is Truly a Miracle Food

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A Very Vermont Birthday Beer Weekend

How to celebrate a friend’s 32nd birthday? With beer of course!

For fellow New England residents, I highly recommend a Vermont beer tour as a fun summer activity or to celebrate a birthday with a group of your closest beer lovers.

Here’s what we did (from Albany):

First stop: Fiddlehead Brewing Company – Shelburne, VT

While it’s a small shop, you can get a great view of the brewers doing their thing, not to mention some cool Fiddlehead gear and growlers.

MUST SEE: Magic Hat Brewing Company and the Artifactory – South Burlington, VT

This is by far the highlight of the journey for me, and the tour is absolutely the best part. The art alone is worth the trip, not to mention the samples at the end. A huge gift shop and a full bar.

Dine at Prohibition Pig – Waterbury, VT

The sandwiches are phenomenal, and the beer selection is huge. Need I say more?

Last call for beer at The Alchemist – South Burlington, VT

We stopped by this joint right before they were about to close for the night, and the staff was not very friendly, despite a dramatic spike in business due to it’s Heady Topper double IPA recently being ranked #1 out of 250 of the world’s top beers by Beer Advocate. The retail shop closed to the public earlier this month so unfortunately it is a stop you will not be able to make on your road trip. Sorry folks!

And for dessert: Ben & Jerry’s – South Burlington, VT

Also a must-see if you happen to be in South Burlington… while we did not take the factory tour, there was plenty to see, including the “flavor graveyard”.

Make sure you bring a DD or sign up for a tour with Burlington Brew Tours so you can drink without worry. Also, plenty of tunes for the car so you can enjoy the scenery!

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Things To Do In Delaware on a Weekend

My favorite part about visiting my family in Delaware (besides visiting my family) is going to Spence’s Bazaar in Dover.Spence's Bazaar For someone who enjoys food, shopping and antiques this place will overload the senses. The first time my parents took me there, I didn’t know what to expect, but now I look forward to going whenever I visit!

The Amish market aspect of Spence’s offers just about any kind of food you can imagine; soups, salads, sandwiches, fresh-off-the-farm dairy products, breakfast, candy, and of course the baked goods. I particularly enjoy the vanilla cream donuts. All the food is excellent, and all the food is inexpensive.

The after-breakfast stroll involves wandering through the dozens of flea market tables and the sizable warehouse of furniture obtained from auctions. Books, makeup, accessories, tools, fresh flowers and vegetable plants, art, records, porcelain dolls… something for everyone. There’s even a shop set up with thousands of DVD’s and VHS tapes. Where else can you find VHS tapes nowadays?! Don’t forget my little sister’s favorite, the shop with Beanie Babies and toys.

In short, Spence’s is a fantastic way to spend a few Saturday morning hours… especially if you are the kind of person who likes bacon on frosted donuts. Yes, they have those too.

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Make Deviled Egg Salad This Weekend

Deviled Egg Salad – Feels Like Spring

Try this recipe for a spring/summer preview. Yum!

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Grocery Shopping in My Pajamas

Today I am trying something new: ordering groceries online for delivery. Some might call me lazy, and I myself was a critic before I heard about how great the experience of online grocery shopping can be. All of a sudden I can see the appeal of clicking through grocery options on my computer in the comfort of my own PJ’s. So far I am seeing plenty of benefits; I can check my cabinets to see what I need as I go, I can truly stay within my budget by avoiding impulse buys and by monitoring the “total” as I select each item. Shop Rite is offering delivery for $6.95… when I think about the gas I spend to drive there and back, hauling all the groceries in and out of my car, and the annoyance of other shoppers in general, it seems like a small price to pay. Now I’ve scheduled my delivery for a two-hour window tomorrow and all I have left to do is figure out how much to tip the delivery man. Any thoughts?

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Caffeine and Calories

This should help you figure out what to order from Starbucks this morning.

I don’t know about you, but my new diet plan is going to include frequenting Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. (Speaking of which, did you know they both have iPhone apps? The Starbucks app even gives you free music downloads every now and then.)

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We Hate Cilantro

If you are one of the thousands of people all around the world who hate cilantro you will most certainly get a kick out of this.

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Chicken Pot Why Not?

I would have taken a picture of the awesome chicken pot pie I made this evening, but I’m not a food stylist so…

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Weekend in Garrison

Had a blast this weekend in beautiful Garrison, New York celebrating a friend’s 31st birthday. I decided to make some birthday cupcakes and got fancy schmancy with the banana extract flavoring: triple chocolate cupcakes with vanilla banana frosting, chocolate chip frosting and a sprinkle of walnut on top. A word about transporting cupcakes to a destination more than two hours away… make sure they are packed tight together so they can’t tip over on a sharp turn! Luckily cupcakes are bound to be eaten after several hours of drinking regardless of appearance.

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Did You Have Plans Thursday Night? You Do Now.

The beautiful thing about Moe’s is that they are open late, so even last night after I shopped till I dropped I was able to grab us some 9:45 pm dinner to watch with our Netflix movie pick, Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Granted, watching a movie about one of the greatest chefs in the entire history of the world while eating take-out feels a bit strange. But I say take advantage of “Free Queso Day” and have at it!

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