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Tons of fun to be had with Ancestry.com. I can’t believe how easy it is to get sucked in – what a fascinating way to spend the weekend.

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Gatsby Weekend

Today I read The Great Gatsby in its entirety, in anticipation of a Gatsby date night tonight. I read it in high school with my favorite teacher of all time, and today’s rain was a perfectly romantic setting to curl up and breeze through the classic once again, more than ten years later.

I was reminded of the scene in Jim Carrey’s Man on the Moon, wherein Andy Kaufman reads the whole book to a particularly rowdy college audience. In the movie it’s meant to be a punishment because he is unhappy with the college students who have flocked to see his goofy impressions of Taxi‘s Latka. I think it’s far from a punishment, however, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending a Saturday in this manner. I highly recommend it!

High expectations of Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation this evening… have you seen it yet? What did you think?

Things To Do In Delaware on a Weekend

My favorite part about visiting my family in Delaware (besides visiting my family) is going to Spence’s Bazaar in Dover.Spence's Bazaar For someone who enjoys food, shopping and antiques this place will overload the senses. The first time my parents took me there, I didn’t know what to expect, but now I look forward to going whenever I visit!

The Amish market aspect of Spence’s offers just about any kind of food you can imagine; soups, salads, sandwiches, fresh-off-the-farm dairy products, breakfast, candy, and of course the baked goods. I particularly enjoy the vanilla cream donuts. All the food is excellent, and all the food is inexpensive.

The after-breakfast stroll involves wandering through the dozens of flea market tables and the sizable warehouse of furniture obtained from auctions. Books, makeup, accessories, tools, fresh flowers and vegetable plants, art, records, porcelain dolls… something for everyone. There’s even a shop set up with thousands of DVD’s and VHS tapes. Where else can you find VHS tapes nowadays?! Don’t forget my little sister’s favorite, the shop with Beanie Babies and toys.

In short, Spence’s is a fantastic way to spend a few Saturday morning hours… especially if you are the kind of person who likes bacon on frosted donuts. Yes, they have those too.

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Crafty Weekend

Ana White | Free and Easy DIY Furniture Plans to Save You Money.

Definitely thinking about giving her instructions a shot… we’re looking to convert a pet food bin into a cabinet that also stores a tilt-out garbage bin. Will let you know if the vision becomes a reality…. in the meantime, maybe there’s some project inspiration here for you!

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Make Deviled Egg Salad This Weekend

Deviled Egg Salad – Feels Like Spring

Try this recipe for a spring/summer preview. Yum!

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Color Yourself Happy This Weekend

What a fabulous way to beat the winter weekend blues! A friend gave me a similar gift for Christmas and it was one of my favorites. 🙂

Color yourself happy: discover mandala coloring pages for meditation.

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