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Spare Bedroom? Spruce It Up This Weekend…

Korean Artist Transforms Her Small Studio Into Dreamlike Worlds Without Photoshop | DeMilked.

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Weekend Historian

Hobby... or obsession!

Tons of fun to be had with I can’t believe how easy it is to get sucked in – what a fascinating way to spend the weekend.

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Crafty Weekend

Ana White | Free and Easy DIY Furniture Plans to Save You Money.

Definitely thinking about giving her instructions a shot… we’re looking to convert a pet food bin into a cabinet that also stores a tilt-out garbage bin. Will let you know if the vision becomes a reality…. in the meantime, maybe there’s some project inspiration here for you!

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Color Yourself Happy This Weekend

What a fabulous way to beat the winter weekend blues! A friend gave me a similar gift for Christmas and it was one of my favorites. 🙂

Color yourself happy: discover mandala coloring pages for meditation.

What To Do With Your Vacation Souvenirs This Weekend


One of my favorite websites, Offbeat Home & Life, is always asking for submissions about DIY projects and ways to funkify your home. I decided to submit one this morning… it’s this photo of my porch step which has been jazzed up with some Mexican ceramic tile from the Seaport Tile Shop in San Diego. I brought the tiles home with me after visiting my cousin and figured I would find a way to use them. At Michael’s I bought some mosaic materials which were really inexpensive and here is the result! It’s a definite conversation starter and it makes me love my porch even more.

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Grocery Shopping in My Pajamas

Today I am trying something new: ordering groceries online for delivery. Some might call me lazy, and I myself was a critic before I heard about how great the experience of online grocery shopping can be. All of a sudden I can see the appeal of clicking through grocery options on my computer in the comfort of my own PJ’s. So far I am seeing plenty of benefits; I can check my cabinets to see what I need as I go, I can truly stay within my budget by avoiding impulse buys and by monitoring the “total” as I select each item. Shop Rite is offering delivery for $6.95… when I think about the gas I spend to drive there and back, hauling all the groceries in and out of my car, and the annoyance of other shoppers in general, it seems like a small price to pay. Now I’ve scheduled my delivery for a two-hour window tomorrow and all I have left to do is figure out how much to tip the delivery man. Any thoughts?

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The Art of Keeping in Touch | Kanelstrand

The Art of Keeping in Touch | Kanelstrand.

I keep in touch with friends via Facebook like most people, yet I have a handful of friends that I still write on a regular basis. I think this is a perfect weekend activity for this time of year. Not only is it time to start working on Christmas cards (yes, I already bought my Christmas cards), but there is something incredibly zen about sitting down on a chilly Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, a great pen, and a stack of blank note cards.

Garage Sales for Dummies

My big project for this weekend is getting rid of my excess stuff. Since I don’t have a safe place for garage sale patrons to park at my home, I decided to get on board with a local community garage sale event where I can bring everything to sell in a designated space for only $10. (Well worth the money if I can get rid of everything.) So I did my research over the past few weeks…the last thing I want to do is haul it all back home with me because I wasn’t organized. I found some great tips in this article: 101 Garage Sale Tips for Sellers. Happy sales!

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