Grocery Shopping in My Pajamas

Today I am trying something new: ordering groceries online for delivery. Some might call me lazy, and I myself was a critic before I heard about how great the experience of online grocery shopping can be. All of a sudden I can see the appeal of clicking through grocery options on my computer in the comfort of my own PJ’s. So far I am seeing plenty of benefits; I can check my cabinets to see what I need as I go, I can truly stay within my budget by avoiding impulse buys and by monitoring the “total” as I select each item. Shop Rite is offering delivery for $6.95… when I think about the gas I spend to drive there and back, hauling all the groceries in and out of my car, and the annoyance of other shoppers in general, it seems like a small price to pay. Now I’ve scheduled my delivery for a two-hour window tomorrow and all I have left to do is figure out how much to tip the delivery man. Any thoughts?

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