Psychometry and a Test of My Open-Mindedness

Lately I have been feeling the stressors in my life taking control of pretty much everything, from the way I drive my car to the way I go grocery shopping. I’m so annoyed all the time and my fuse is extremely short.

So in addition to the Vitamin B complex my doctor recommended, I decided to give guided meditation a try. I found a couple of places in the area that do guided meditation and last Friday night I went to Venture Inward to see how it works. I brought a friend who I thought could also benefit from a little decompression.

Of course we came dressed in yoga type clothing because we pictured a sort of simplistic studio where a dozen or so people would find a spot to lay on the floor while someone “guided” us through meditation. Instead it was a small, thin-carpeted room with about 15 chairs arranged in a circle and an eclectic collection of items ranging from crystals, to notepads, to a bucket of pretzels on a table in the center of the circle and a large dog wandering around. The other attendees, which included both men and women of ages ranging from 25 to about 85, were dressed in casual jeans rather than yoga clothing.

At this point my friend and I were both a little uncomfortable because nothing was as we expected it. Giving her ample opportunity to “escape”, she reassured me that she was okay to proceed and we simply followed suit.

The guided meditation was only a small “warm up” portion of the session, and the leader of the group informed us that we would be doing an exercise in psychometry. At the time I did not know what that was, and I decided to myself that should it involve touching any of these other strangers in sort sort of free spirit massage circle, I was going to high-tail it out of there. After she explained, however, that it involved sharing a piece of jewelry or a “token” of sorts for one of the other patrons to attempt to read, I thought maybe this was an experience I would enjoy.

Chain and Heart ShapeShe passed around a bucket and each person put a piece of jewelry or something small… for some it was a key or a stone. The the bucket came around again and this time we were asked to pick a random piece and to hold it for awhile, jotting down any impressions we got from it. One by one each person shared their impressions and gave recommendations to the anonymous individual to whom it belonged, many of the readings being extremely accurate. My friend and I did our best to jump in and give our impressions too, which may or may not have been too insightful for our first go around.

My reading was done by a man who also practices reiki at the center, and he happened to be sitting right next to me in the circle. His thoughts and impressions made a lot of sense to me and I suddenly had a deep appreciation for the people in the room, and for their willingness to do something so rare and, for many of them, outside of their comfort zone.

We left feeling rejuvenated and extremely proud of the experience. Anyone have any similar experiences?

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